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Frank Sadera is a second generation artist. He was born and raised in New York City.

Frank credits Leila Delaney Sadera, Shelly Fink and Tom Orlando for helping him to learn a painter's alphabet but encouraging him to write his own story. Frank states that he strives to express a particular point of view in his paintings but many times discovers that the best images seem to have a life of their own.

Frank's early career was marked by a first place award for representational painting from the Kent Art Association, where he has also been asked to jury exhibitions. Throughout his career, his work has been shown in galleries and exhibitions along the US east coast.

Frank and his wife Brenda moved to Florida in 1987. Frank absorbed the atmosphere of the area, capturing its essence and portraying it in all of his current work. He states: "Painting is pure joy for me. It is what makes me happy."

Frank's paintings create their own unique atmosphere, conveying a special feeling along with the visual excellence inherent in each image.
Frank Sadera's work is
included in many Corporate and
Private Collections.

    Email frank@fsadera.com

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